Oct 4, 2017

Service Preferred Return Balances Adjusted

Our client came onboard with Clear Creek in February 2017 with a long history of non-compliance with the IRS. After working with our client for several weeks, we were finally able to acquire one of the missing 941 tax returns and the Associate was successful at getting the tax return processed and getting the SFR balances adjusted.  Per a compliance check with the IRS in February 2017, the total balance due for our client was $502,099.  After the missing 941 tax return was processed, the adjusted balance on our client’s account is now $400,477.63, resulting in a savings of over $100,000.

Refund of Penalties Paid to Client

An individual in Middleton, Wisconsin hired Clear Creek to manage a liability of approximately $300,000 owed to the Internal Revenue Service. The Senior Associate assigned to the case negotiated several holds from enforced collection action while property was liquidated to satisfy the liability owed to the IRS in full. The Senior Associate then submitted a Penalty Abatement Narrative for the client. The Penalty Abatement Narrative was initially rejected, but upon negotiations with Appeals, the IRS issued a refund of penalties previously assessed and satisfied. As such, our client received a refund check in the amount of $123,425.89.

Partial Payment Installment Agreement Accepted

A business in Williamsport, PA hired Clear Creek to address a liability of $175,000.  Our client had not been making their federal tax deposits for quite some time prior to coming onboard with Clear Creek.  The Associate assigned to the case protected them from enforcement action for three months, despite an aggressive Revenue Officer threatening immediate seizure of three properties.  By compiling the requisite financial information, and working with our client to become current and compliant, the Associate was able to negotiate the acceptance of a Partial Pay Installment Agreement for $1,000 per month.

Wage Garnishment Released & Currently Non-Collectible Achieved

An individual taxpayer in Paterson, New Jersey hired Clear Creek to manage a liability of over $45,000 owed to the Internal Revenue Service.  Our client is a single mother who had been dealing with a Social Security Garnishment from the IRS for over 8 months.  The Associate assigned to the case quickly gathered the requisite financial documentation and negotiated a full release of the garnishment.  At the same time, the Associate was also able to negotiate the placement of our client’s case into a Currently Non-Collectible status with the Internal Revenue Service.  Our client is now able to care for her son without fear of enforced collection action from the Internal Revenue Service.

Offer in Compromise Accepted

A different client came onboard in February 2015 with IRS and State of California liability.  Our client owed approximately $15,000 to the State and the Associate assigned to the case negotiated the acceptance of an Offer in Compromise for $500.  Our client also owed approximately $35,000 to the IRS and the Associate negotiated for the acceptance of an Offer for $397.

Multiple Successful Offers in Compromise

Our client came onboard in January 2016 owing $45,000 in State income tax, sales tax and workman’s comp liability.  The previous Associate assigned to the case submitted an Offer in Compromise, and through the current Associate’s negotiations, Clear Creek was able to include all old business liability and negotiate the acceptance for $17,000.