Apr 18, 2009

The Benefits of Hiring Clear Creek

The other day I was speaking with a potential client on the benefits of hiring our firm verses working on their tax matter themselves. As I thought this was a great question, I will do my best to impart my response as to why one should hire Clear Creek for tax help.

A few points that may be self evident but, nonetheless deserve mentioning are the facts that resolving tax issues before the taxing authorities is all that Clear Creek does. We are not an accounting firm, nor do we deal with any other types of legal matters. Our core competence and mission statement is to resolve past due tax matters for businesses and individuals in the most fair and efficient manner possible. Maintaining such focus enables our firm to do just that. Not only do we have an IRS Liaison Officer at Clear Creek, and several attorneys who only practice before the taxing authorities, as a firm we remain up-to-date and current with all tax laws and how they affect the manner in which we resolve outstanding tax matters.

Another obvious aspect of why it is important to hire our firm is that most small business owners do not have the time to research, and negotiate favorable terms by themselves. Business owners rarely have enough time in the day to manage their business, let alone work to grow their business while maintaining a family and a life outside of their business' needs. We know from experience that running a business necessitates a huge amount of dedication, focus and time which usually means that there is simply not enough hours in the day to also concentrate on a tax matter that is the one issue that should never be ignored as the penalties and interest continue to accrue daily, not to mention the real concern of eventually having your assets seized in a bank levy or wage garnishment. A tax liability is simply too important to ignore.

Once the above is understood, it is important to know that as tax resolution professionals, we know how to package financial information in a manner that will always work toward our client's benefit. In other words, if an individual simply sends financial information to the taxing authorities without knowing the repercussions of such an action, they are most likely immediately hampering their ability from which to negotiate. To use an analogy, one would never show their cards to an opponent and then place a bet. Instead, you make sure that your 'cards' or financial information is portrayed in a manner that is most conducive to attaining the results that you desire before the negotiations begin. At Clear Creek, we understand this process intimately and work to attain results that are best for our clients each and every time.

To expound on this thought, Clear Creek is familiar with the many resolution options each case may have, and because each case is different, our experience guarantees you a personally tailored resolution to match your individual financial constraints. This is important because unless you simply wish to forgo your penalties and interest charges and write the taxing authorities a check to pay off your balance in full, you need to know that you have options. And, unless you hire a professional, you will most likely never know your full range of options and will most likely pay too much in penalties and interest or fail to negotiate repayment terms that match your financial objectives.

Clients also benefit from the immense creativity that our exceptional attorneys demonstrate weekly in their case management. To give some insight into this creativity that saves our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each month, I ask you to visit our 'Creative Settlement Case Studies' section of our website which will highlight this creativity better than I can explain here. In other words, by researching each of our client's cases in great detail, we are able to ensure that after educating our clients about their many options, we can then guide them in a direction that delivers the most favorable result possible. And, with respect to penalty and interest reduction, when our firm submits a Penalty Abatement, we know how to present our cases in the most favorable light possible and each submittal is supported by legal decisions that bolster each Abatement Narrative. Our library and our proven experience in penalty relief is reason alone to not attempt to represent yourself before the taxing authorities.

Another point that I made in this conversation was that Clear Creek offers peace of mind to each of our clients. I say this because this is a major aspect of what we do. From our experience, we know what a tax liability can do to a business, an individual or a family when the threat of 'enforced collection' is imminent. We know that before clients hire our firm, they are losing sleep because they do not know if their bank account is going to be levied the following day which can be one of the most stressful aspects of accruing a tax liability. On this note, the IRS has awesome tools to force repayment, however, being levied or facing a wage garnishment does not have to be a part of the resolution process. In fact, the first item of business that we complete once we are hired, is to protect our client's assets. We know how to do this and we will do this for you. Again, a tax issue may cause one to lose sleep, but fear of having assets seized will only compound this problem perhaps leading to serious health issues that you or your loved ones simply cannot afford. Not only does your business need you, your family needs you, too and we will protect you throughout our representation.

Another point is the fact that Clear Creek has resolved thousands of cases and has worked with hundreds of IRS Revenue Officers and State Revenue Agents and over the years, we have built a reputation of resolving cases for our clients before the taxing authorities. This may lead you to ask, "How does attaining a solid reputation before the taxing authorities help?" The simple answer to this question, is that our government counterparts know how Clear Creek operates and packages information. And, over time we have earned their respect in the manner in which we resolve tax issues. Not only do we take some of the burden off their plates by communicating frequently with them, our clients are better off as they receive the benefits of the relationships we have nurtured over the years. This relationship enables us great flexibility when dealing with the taxing authorities, and is a relationship from which you will benefit.

In closing, we are witnessing a new trend in resolving tax matters before the IRS which includes putting off repayment until such time a plan of repayment can be formalized. As this is a touchy subject because the IRS wants to get paid in-full today, and we are well versed in how to approach such a touchy subject, we are able to nonetheless use our nation's economic woes to our clients' benefit. This experience could obviously also help many of you. To learn more about obtaining tax help and any other of the mentioned reasons why one should hire Clear Creek, please contact Paul Cherry to learn more at (800) 906-7629. We look forward to hearing from you.

Apr 7, 2009

Tis the Season

Unlike the dates of U. S. holidays with which we are all familiar, April 15th is another such date that we all know, but would categorically never consider a holiday. In fact, April 15th is anything but a holiday and to many this is a date that is synonymous with financial stress.

Now, I could go on and anger many of you that paying taxes is part of our patriotic duty, or necessary to keep America and our communities safe, however, this is not the point of this entry. In fact, the only aspect of this complex issue that I will mention is that regardless of your personal beliefs, or your political views, April 15th has and will most likely always be, the day in which every American must file their personal tax return.

I bring this topic up because like every year, I am asked by clients whether or not it makes sense to file their taxes even though they do not have the means to pay their taxes that are due. To these people, there is only one answer to this question and it is regardless of your ability to pay your taxes, you still must file your tax returns. Now, some tax attorneys could argue that to resolve a specific outstanding tax matter, this may not make sense, however, even in these specific instances, there is always an associated risk for not filing your taxes on time and a penalty will still be added to your outstanding tax balance. So, let me be absolutely clear. File your tax returns on time and reduce unneeded and unnecessary stress from your life.

From a tax consultant perspective, please know that the IRS has awesome tools at their disposable to 'assist' you in remaining current and compliant with your tax obligations. Clear Creek knows this all too well. And in case you missed it the first time I urge you to file your taxes on-time even though you may not be able to pay your current tax obligations. In filing your taxes before the April 15th deadline, you will be avoiding a "Failure to File" penalty that will automatically be assessed to your account. If you or someone you know is finding themselves in this situation, I urge you to contact our offices for immediate tax help and much needed tax consultation.

Many of you may interpret this last point as a sales pitch, however, to protect your assets and be positioned to mitigate this issue from becoming an even larger issue, expert advice is needed even though you may be experiencing a false sense of security as the IRS has yet to contact you. Please know that it may take several months before the IRS contacts you, but know that they will eventually do so. However, if you have communicated with them through a trained professional prior to the IRS contacting you, your chances for negotiating a plan to address this problem is tilted in your favor immensely. This last point is important for two reasons. Firstly, the Failure to File penalty is not only expensive, but it is a penalty that you can avoid by simply filing your taxes by April 15th. Secondly, not communicating with the IRS is very damaging to working out a fair and reasonable resolution with the IRS. By communicating with the IRS, you are in a sense demonstrating good character and positioning yourself for a better negotiated result to your now outstanding tax liability. This being said, if you have a tax problem and are not communicating with the IRS, please know that they have not gone away and they will eventually make your financial life miserable. It is under these circumstances that a tax resolution specialist will become your best ally as you work towards resolving this growing problem.

I realize that if you are reading this entry, the likelihood of you having an existing tax liability is very great. As this is most likely the case, it is never too late to deal with your tax matter as it can only snowball from here if ignored, and the best way to address this matter is through tough negotiation, direct communication and by filing your tax returns on time. I know it may not make you feel any better, but know that you are not the only one filing your taxes by April 15th.