Jul 30, 2009

Status Quo Is Not an Option

It has happened too many times to count over the past several years, and it happened again. This 'happening' being, when I am out with friends and I meet new people the subject of 'what do you do for a living' is asked and once I reply, in most instances, I get, 'I need to talk to you.' A few weeks ago this happened to me twice and due to this frequency, I thought it would be informative to speak about these occurrences.

From my career perspective of being in the tax resolution business, the obvious aspect of hearing this response is that there are hundreds of thousands of citizens who owe or have owed on past due taxes. What may not be so obvious is that all of these people more or less state the same even though their specific reason for each of them falling behind in their tax obligations differs.

They all state in one way or another that the IRS is making or has made their lives miserable and owing on a past tax and needing tax help was one of the more frustrating, intimidating and frankly annoying issues with which they have ever dealt. I empathize completely with these individuals because we at Clear Creek see this every day, and with each new client that hires our firm, one of the first responses we hear from all of our clients is how happy they are that they now have a representative, and a buffer from the Taxing Authorities.

Moreover, they are relieved that they have a sounding board (Clear Creek) to whom they can voice their frustrations, and for most, they are finally able to take a breathe and get some much needed sleep. This is the aspect of my job that I cherish the most: knowing that we are helping business owners and individuals around the country resolve their past tax issues as I know from speaking with hundreds of clients and hearing the stories of thousands of our clients how a past tax issue can negatively impact one's health, marriage, or other interpersonal relationships.

Hearing that a new client finally got some sleep and is finally able 'to see the light at the end of the tunnel' with respect to their business or family finances is a joy that still delights me. As this was a founding principal of Clear Creek, I am proud to state that even today, our Associates still do all they can to assist our clients through their darkest hours, and work tirelessly for our clients until their issues are finally and formally resolved. Nonetheless, all of our clients make it clear that they wish they had dealt with their tax issues sooner and not ignored the issue, but contacted our firm at a much earlier date.

Getting back to the conversation I had a few weeks ago, one of these individuals made it known that he wanted tax help, and that he wanted to discuss his issues in more detail in different setting, and that he would call me to learn more about how we could help him. After a week and still not hearing from him, I called our mutual friend to check in on my acquaintance, but have yet to hear from him. Our mutual friend made it clear that he would call me, and that he was interested in our services, but up until now, I have still not heard from this person. In many respects, he is making the mistake that many of our newly retained clients make, and that is waiting too long to tackle an issue head-on that is not going to go away, but only growing worse by the day.

With penalties and interest accruing monthly or even daily in many cases, and the threat of asset seizure becoming more certain with each and every passing day that sees no action, I cannot stress the importance of dealing with a tax matter immediately, and not letting it become an even bigger issue or potentially a nightmare situation in the months to come.

So, please do yourself, your business and your family a huge favor and not ignore your tax issue. It will not go away without being proactive. Please also know that Clear Creek is not only one of the best tax resolution firms in the country, it is the only one that truly knows how to deliver peace of mind, one client at a time. We hope to hear from you - today!