Aug 27, 2009

Here We Go Again

This may sound exhaustingly familiar to my many readers that have kept up with my monthly entries over the past several months, but this conversation was a bit different, although it was the same old line, 'I may need to talk to you' once I tell a stranger what I do for a living. Well, this stranger was an individual who contacted me after I supplied personal financial information to an on-line mortgage advertiser. Within minutes of sending my information somewhere, I was contacted by a local mortgage company representative. After spending 15 minutes on the phone with this individual who hopes to be my personal representative, he asked if he could ask me a question.

Well, he had been asking me many questions about my employment, credit score, current loan, etc, however, I was not prepared in one sense, for what was to follow. Out of the blue he asked if I could give him advice on what he should do regarding a letter he received last week from the IRS inferring that he underpaid his tax obligations last year, and that he now has to pay the balance that is due.

I found this very was interesting. Here I was looking for a service provider to assist ME and within 15 minutes, I was giving out free advice on how to resolve his personal IRS issue. Here I was looking for assistance, and within moments, I was giving out assistance. Without going into the details, he thanked me over and over and promised that he would do whatever was in his power to reduce the loan closing costs on his end if I were to choose his company to refinance my loan.

I have yet to pull the trigger on hiring this individual, however, I do know that with the advice I offered - free of charge - he is now in a better place and is now armed with a knowledge and a roadmap with choices, of how he is going to fight and negotiate this 'difference' of tax obligation opinions. With all else being equal, I do like the fact that if I do go with his firm and we meet face-to-face, I must admit that appreciate his honesty in opening up to me about his tax issue knowing full-well that I could judge him for having a tax liability accrual, or see this for what it is and take comfort in his honesty and his desire to resolve this issue. For this, and with all things being equal, I am inclined to do business with him as he has earned my trust through being honest, and this is something that I desire in any financial commitment, let alone a mortgage commitment.

I will keep you regular readers abreast on future developments.

Aug 26, 2009


So, I heard back from my friend's friend whom I wrote about a few weeks back which is discussed in the previous blog. If you do not wish to read that entry, I will paraphrase it by stating that this individual desired tax help assistance with his outstanding tax liability, however, he had yet to follow up with me until today - nearly a month later! Well, in our offices, we know what happened to this individual, however, if you are new to a tax liability, you may not be aware that when an insider like Clear Creek tells you or anybody who has experienced a tax lien for that matter, that the IRS has awesome tools to collect outstanding tax liabilities, you should pay attention and NOT be like this individual.

So, he emails me today to apologize for not getting back with me, but for me to contact him by phone immediately. Being humble, I contact him, and in a panic and running out of breathe, he proceeds to tell me that he has received a letter from the IRS stating that they are going to levy his bank account and how if this happens, he might not be able to pay his mortgage, yet alone many other monthly financial obligations. After listening attentively and taking notes, I calmly ask him if he is ready to pull his head out of the sand and deal with this matter and if so, he must commit to listening to me from here on out. He then asks, 'that if he does so, will I be able to protect his assets.' I again calmly state that because he contacted me on the day he received this letter, we have plenty of time to prepare our case and 'yes' I will protect his assets from seizure. If there was ever a time I could actually feel fear take a back seat to a breathe of calm composure on the phone, today was the day and in this conversation.

Now, because I have been involved in assisting thousands of individuals and companies that have had past due tax liabilities over the years, I must admit that I am used to this experience, however, being that this individual and I have a mutual friend, I sensed that I now had his attention and that he felt somewhat embarrassed that he did not contact me sooner, but this being said, I enabled him to save face throughout this conversation and in the end calmly told him that I will make certain he gets through this trying time. However, and yes there was a caveat, in order to do so, I requested of him that he remain in regular contact with me and provide me with all that I request of him in a timely fashion so that this problem will soon be a distant memory. I must say that tonight I have the information I requested which will enable me to protect his assets and navigate this individual to stronger financial health.