Oct 8, 2009

Just What I Needed to Hear

In speaking with one of our Associates this past week on how we were assisting our clients in dire need of our services, this Associate shared this story with me.

This Associate went on to say t hat an individual in Crawfordsville, Georgia hired Clear Creek to manage a liability of $42,100 owed to the IRS for Trust Fund Recovery Penalty taxes on a closed business. The Associate assigned to this case prepared, submitted, and negotiated an individual Offer in Compromise. After several rounds of negotiations with the Offer in Compromise Examiner, the IRS finally accepted our Offer in Compromise for the exact amount submitted, which was only $164.17! Our client paid the Offer amount and has now settled his entire liability and all Federal Tax Liens are now released. The accepted Offer in Compromise has resulted in savings to our client of $41,935!

This was the type of work I was looking to learn first-hand about as I had recently learned of some unfortunate and depressing family-related news and wished to get cheered up. Hearing this story was just what I needed and it is so energizing to learn that Clear Creek is performing great work for so many people in need especially during this harsh economic period of time.