Nov 10, 2009

Recent Client Testimonial

Although we, as a team at Clear Creek, receive many testimonials each and every month, it is always a pleasant surprise when a client takes time out of their day to write a short letter to their Associate Team acknowledging the work our client's Associate Team is doing on their behalf. As this is the type of client correspondence that makes my day, and makes all that we do for our clients worth it, I thought I would share this letter with my regular and hopefully new blog readers.

The letter follows:


This message is written to simply say Thank You….sooo much…I am sorry that I didn't seem more excited earlier today, but my health has been occupying me and continues to fail…It will get better I am sure…just keep me in your thoughts... You all have done a wonderful job and I do want to apologize for my continued frustration but you know how frustrating it can be dealing with the government...

Would either of you know how I get this payment set up through my bank account? Just never know how to do these details and would prefer the monthly payments were automatic. Now I guess we need to work on the Penalties…

We will do what we have to but I am going to enjoy this freedom for now from the IRS…

Love you both and I do mean that…someday our path will cross.


District General Agent
Austin Texas