Feb 15, 2010

Our Reputation

The other day I was asked if I was proud of the business that we created over six years ago and with an emphatic, 'yes' I replied I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished, but added, "we are not done yet, as there are so many more individuals and businesses in need of our services."

This friend then challenged me by stating that our rating with the Better Business Bureau does not reflect your passion for helping people who are in need of sincere care, consultation and bull-dog negotiation capabilities. To this I made it clear that it is my goal to help each and every client and to achieve a 100% satisfaction rating with our client base, however, with the thousands of clients that we have helped over the years, it is only a matter of basic math that some of these would not be pleased with what we have attempted to accomplish for them.

I elaborated further by saying that the complaints we have against us are all in one way or another, by people who wish to blame us for their financial problems or wish our firm to deliver miracles, however, with a tax matter, miracles do not take place, but amazing results can be negotiated if our clients help us help them by supplying requested information on-time, answering our calls and meeting scheduled deadlines. And, when simple follow-through is not taking place and their tax issue is not being resolved in a 'miracle-like' fashion, these are the folks who make ugly remarks against our firm. And, because these individuals are falling further behind financially, many become desperate and will do disgusting acts as fear of financial insolvency looms.

In other instances, our competition has attempted to sabotage our business through claims that are completely false, if not comical in some instances. To these, we do not reply as we maintain a higher ethical standard and focus on what we can control which is our industry-leading ability to protect our clients and negotiate incredible results for our clients. We have thousands of satisfied clients who have either written gracious comments to their Associate Team and can be viewed on our 'Testimonials' web page, or even better yet, there are more case studies than I can count which substantiate my claim that we do amazing work for our clients.

My last point to my friend was that I started this business because I saw how a tax situation can cripple a family. I have three family members who were threatened, harassed, and ultimately brought to their knees by the Taxing Authorities. I watched helplessly as these issues persisted for years and in one case, bankrupt a family member. Nearly 15 years later, this family member is still feeling the effects of what the IRS did to him and his family. It is truly heartbreaking.

After graduate school, I stumbled upon this line of work and armed with personal experience of how devastating a tax lien can be, not to mention the sometimes arduous process of finalizing a settlement with the Taxing Authorities, I began Clear Creek with only one mission in mind. This was to help those in a seemingly helpless situation, to safe-guard their business, their assets, and to work tirelessly for those who may not have many financial resources and may be on the brink of a financial free-fall. I am proud to state that this was my mission in creating Clear Creek, and that I continue to work to ensure this culture persists throughout our company today. Helping those in a severe financial situation is not only our mission statement, it is the right thing to do - for that individual, for their family, for their children, and for their community.

So, yes, there are some who wish to print ugly and unethical statements against our firm, however, I am at peace knowing that the firm in which I helped create has helped thousands of people and businesses in the six years of being in business. This is what we do. This is what we enjoy doing.