Nov 10, 2011

Giving Thanks

As Clear Creek has already begun to ramp up for the holiday season with an expected busier than normal end-of-the-year increase in business, not only am I reminded how quickly time seems to pass as we get another year of 'wisdom' behind us, I am also impressed with how well our collective employee base continues to step up to each and every challenge that is presented to them. With the opening of multiple offices this past year and the continual hiring of new employees to meet our growing client base's needs, it is well known throughout Clear Creek that not only are we going to be facing the normal stresses that the holiday season seems to whip up each and every year, we will also be facing the additional stresses of hiring, training, reshuffling and making infrastructure changes as well.

In light of all of these growing pains, I challenged our management team to view these additional demands as a testament to the work they have orchestrated this past year, and that they should be proud of the byproduct of their efforts which for a brief time will place more demands upon themselves. Albeit, this is an ironic consequence, however, I am hopeful that by verbalizing recognition of this matter, we will retain a more positive attitude if we choose to reflect on the good fortune we have in our lives, verses becoming anxious as available time becomes compromised.

Even with the additional demands upon our team, Clear Creek is still choosing to make time to give back to our local community who are in need of assistance and who might find joy from our goodwill. Doing our part, we are excited to make our annual holiday gift giving campaign to needy families our best effort yet.

Our collective compassion and empathy that ensures a successful Clear Creek charity campaign is founded in the dedication our Services Department provides our valued clients. As a company we are well aware that by listening attentively to our clients who are experiencing stressful financial circumstances, we are better positioned to understand our client's needs so that we can better articulate a resolution to their pressing tax issues. And by fully comprehending the true nature of our clients' financial situation while always respecting the scarcity of our clients' resources, it is well-known throughout Clear Creek that if any employee does not go above and beyond to help our clients, this person will not be employed by our firm moving forward.

Management at every level in our organization knows that our best asset and the reason we continue to experience more growth, is primarily due to the exceptional work we perform each and every day for our clients who trust Clear Creek with managing and resolving their most pressing financial issue.

We all know how damaging a tax lien is. And from our experience in helping thousands of Americans over the past eight years, we know that our clients not only deserve but require immediate attention and oversight.

Endeavoring to immediately protect our clients is our first priority when hired. We have made this our first priority since our inception which helps explain why we have so many Clear Creek testimonials and why we have been so successful in negotiating resolutions for our clients. Protecting our client's assets within the first few hours of receiving all necessary documents to do so, and communicating to our clients how we are going to move forward to resolve their tax issue has always proven to be the most efficient strategy to resolve a back tax issue.

Clear Creek also prides itself on educating our clients. From our first day of hire and throughout our time of engagement, this aspect of our case management philosophy has undoubtedly help shape Clear Creek into an industry-leading tax resolution firm. We promise to make every effort to clearly communicate all of the options that are available to our clients and to break down the complexities of the back-tax collection process. We do this for one simple reason. We want our clients to understand the rationale behind our objectives and our document requests so that our clients understand how we are working toward finalizing the most aggressive tax resolution possible.

I am proud of Clear Creek's work ethic and determination to not only fight for our clients, but to listen to our clients. Through listening, we, as a company or moreover as individuals, become more in tune with not only the needs of our clients, but the needs of our community. Listening is a compassionate gesture and in being compassionate, one must be ready to act. These are the founding principles of Clear Creek and the fundamental rationale explaining our continued growth. These are the same characteristics that are going to make this year’s annual holiday gift giving campaign even more successful!

Happy Holidays!