Dec 14, 2012

Holiday Cheer

This past week has been busy for several of our staff members who spent lunch time, and after work hours shopping, wrapping, and delivering gifts and food to the various charities Clear Creek Consulting decided to support this holiday season. As a company we are proud that we have here within our Clear Creek Consulting family, so many generous people who rose to the challenge of making this year’s charity drive even more successful than last year’s drive.

To all the staff who organized, and orchestrated this drive, our community thanks you, as do I. To all who donated clothes, money and food and time, our community thanks you as well, as do I. Aside from skilled representation and professional diligence, our experience in helping thousands of clients over the years has taught us that with compassion, we are able to garner the trust of our client’s quicker which leads to quicker results for our valued clients. It is our opinion that our proven ability to listen to our clients and empathize with our clients differentiates Clear Creek Consulting from our competitors as we know how devastating a tax issue can be on a family or on a business. And, because this characteristic is a part of our company culture, there are several families in our local community whose holidays will hopefully be a bit brighter this year. Again, thank you! Happy Holidays!

Holiday Cheer Pictures