May 31, 2016

More success stories at Clear Creek Consulting

Clear Creek Consulting reviews tax situations and determines the best course of action. Here is another one of many recent success stories:

A vein surgeon living and doing business in New York hired Clear Creek Consulting to manage his Internal Revenue Service personal 1040 tax accounts with a balance of $1,342,712. 

Prior to hiring us our client tried to work directly with the Internal Revenue Service but could not obtain a resolution due to large compliance issues. The associate assigned to the case quickly ensured there was a ‘Hold on all Enforced Collection Action’on his accounts while our client obtained compliance by filing all federal tax returns. 

In addition, our client provided the IRS with the knowledge and direction to begin remitting Estimated Tax Payments – something our client had not done over the course of thirteen years. Through intensive and focused negotiation with the Office of Appeals and the assigned Revenue Officer, the Associate was able to show that our client could afford only a minimal amount for an Installment Agreement while keeping his practice afloat. 

After careful review, the Revenue Officer agreed to a Partial-Pay Installment Agreement of $2,500/month for 51 months and an increase to $3,050/month for the remaining portion of the collection statutes.

Through the life of the collection statute expiration dates, and as long as our client remains ‘Current and Compliant’ with all federal tax obligations, he will have saved in excess of $1.02 million.


The Associate assigned to the case guided our client towards being ‘Current and Compliant’ so he would qualify for a formal resolution. 

Once our client established compliance, the Associate moved forward with negotiations toward a Partial-Pay Installment Agreement.  After intense negotiations, the Internal Revenue Service accepted our proposed payment agreement with the starting monthly payment to be $2,500 per month.  

As long as our client stays “Current and Compliant’ during this Partial-Pay Installment Agreement, our client will save approximately $1.02 million in tax debt!

May 20, 2016

Clear Creek Consulting

I would like to share a couple of recent success stories of how Clear Creek Consulting helped these two recent clients with their tax situations.

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An individual in Kearns, Utah hired Clear Creek Consulting to manage a liability of $48,980 owed to the Internal Revenue Service for personal income taxes accrued for the 2002-2012 tax years. 

The Associate assigned to the case had discovered that our client was in open collections with the Internal Revenue Service. 

To avoid any adverse actions, the associate negotiated multiple ‘holds on enforced collection actions’ while working with our client to gather financial information for use in resolving the account with the Internal Revenue Service.  The Associate reviewed our client’s financial details, and determined that our client could not afford a payment plan. 

Seeing an opportunity to save our client thousands of dollars, the Associate submitted an Offer in Compromise.  

After submitting the ‘Offer’ to the Internal Revenue Service, the Associate negotiated with the Offer Examiner, to provide additional information regarding our client’s financial situation.  The Offer Examiner presented several counter offer amounts, and the Associate negotiated a final amount of $4,512 for the Offer in Compromise.

The Offer in Compromise was approved by the Internal Revenue Service for $4,512 to resolve the entirety of our client’s remaining liability, saving our client $44,378!  The client no longer has any liability issues with the Internal Revenue Service.

Result: The senior associate assigned to the case quickly moved to obtain “holds on enforcement” for our client which allowed us to determine the most appropriate resolution. 

The senior associate determined an Offer in Compromise was appropriate and submitted an OIC to the Internal Revenue Service.  After substantial negotiations with the Offer Examiner, the Offer was accepted for a minimal amount of $4,512 which will result in savings of approximately $44,378!!!


An individual in High Point, North Carolina, hired Clear Creek Consulting to assist him in resolving an individual debt of approximately $91,000 between the Internal Revenue Service and the state of North Carolina.

Upon acquiring Power of Attorney, Clear Creek learned that the account was in active collections status with a substantially higher balance of $133,194 with the IRS and $18,746 with the state of North Carolina. Clear Creek Consulting immediately negotiated ‘holds on collection action’ with both the IRS and state accounts. 

The Associate assigned to the case determined that our client would benefit most from an Offer in Compromise resolution and filed all necessary paperwork with North Carolina and the IRS. 

After several months, the state determined that an Offer was not in their best interest, but Clear Creek Consulting subsequently negotiated for Currently Not Collectible status instead, protecting our client against enforced collections for the next two years. However, the IRS accepted our Offer in Compromise proposal of $50 to resolve over $133,000 in liabilities owed, and waived the OIC fee.

Result: The junior associate assigned to the case thoroughly analyzed our client’s financial condition. Once this was done, the Offer in Compromise documents were submitted to both the IRS and the State of North Carolina.  The State case ended up getting resolved as ‘Currently Non Collectible’ and the IRS Offer in Compromise was accepted for a minimal amount of $50!  Therefore, our client will end up saving approximately $133,000!!!