Feb 3, 2017

Another Creative Resolution

A family-owned construction business in Pennsylvania hired Clear Creek to formalize a resolution with the Internal Revenue Service. The mother along with her three sons were all assessed Trust Fund Recovery Penalty and their other business was assessed as an Alter Ego / successor entity to the first business (an additional $1.5 million collections case with the IRS). After extensive negations and Appeals Hearings with the IRS, Clear Creek was finally able to close out all filing requirements and put both the business entities into Status-53 Currently Non-Collectable. The first business entity was closed as a defunct business entity, and the successor entity’s current outstanding liability was resolved after asset transfers were addressed and valuations were negotiated, resulting in no payments to the Internal Revenue Service from our clients. During the negotiations with the IRS, neither of the business entities nor the corporate officers of the business had to pay any funds to the Internal Revenue Service. All parties were protected from all enforced collection activity for the entire time we represented them. Now that both business collections cases are resolved, Clear Creek can move forward with the resolution of the corporate officers’ personal cases, which will be as successful as our resolutions with the original business entities.