Feb 3, 2017

Another Creative Tax Resolution Case Study

A gynecologist out of Miami, Florida hired Clear Creek to manage a liability of $200,000 owed to the Internal Revenue Service for past due Individual Income and Trust Fund taxes. The Associate assigned to the case was able to negotiate a ‘Stay on Enforced Collections’ to protect our client’s assets while compiling all of the outstanding tax returns and the requested financial documents. Upon receipt of the financial documents, the Associate analyzed our client’s financial condition and determined that ‘Currently Non Collectable’ status would be the best possible resolution, as the Collection Statutes Expiration Dates were set to run in two years. The Associate then prepared and submitted all of the applicable documentation with a proposed Non Collectable request. The Associate negotiated for the acceptance of the proposed resolution. Clear Creek then monitored the account every few months until the Collection Statutes Expiration Dates dropped, resulting in a savings of $150,000.  The remaining balances will be resolved through an Offer in Compromise.