Feb 3, 2017

Another Partial Payment Installment Agreement Negotiated

A small business owner in Maspeth, New York hired Clear Creek to manage personal liabilities of over $38,000 for outstanding Individual Income Tax due to the Internal Revenue Service stemming from her Sole Proprietorship. The Associate assigned to the case discovered that due to our client’s income, negotiating for a Partial Pay Installment Agreement would allow our client to only pay a portion of the balance due to the Internal Revenue Service. The Associate then gathered accurate financial information and documentation from our client and entered into active negotiations with Internal Revenue Service. After weeks of negotiation, the Associate and negotiated the acceptance of a Partial Pay Installment Agreement whereby our client is required to make payments of $50 per month until the collection statute expires, thus leaving our client with a total payment of $4,200 once the collection statue expires. This saved our client approximately $33,80.